Who am I? About Me

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My background

I’m Edit (It’s the Hungarian version of Edith).  I am an information designer and entrepreneur. My first interaction with raw data was 16 years ago when I first started as a journalist. Over time, I worked in communication consultancy but data was still a large part of my line of work. Over the past few years, data design seemed to be the next step and I translated this into a business. My goal is to make information design creative and enjoyable while communicating valuable messages.

I have a bachelor’s degree in Political Science and a Master’s in Business Communication.

What I do 

I am the founder of Egas Consulting and Strategy, a firm that specializes in visual communication. Today I’m mostly researching and analyzing data, designing information for clients, while joggling with personal projects like workshops, courses, and ARE.NEWS (Authentic Reality News), a website that doesn’t just present information but it gives it context and visual understanding.

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